Are You Losing Sales Because of Prospect Objections During a Sales Conversation?

If the answer is yes, then it is time to get into 

Joe Marcoux’s “S.O.S DoJoe” 

S.O.S. stands for Sales Objection System.


Imagine a SAFE place to learn, train, and sharpen high-income sales skills.
A place where you will be pushed beyond your comfort zone to help you reach more people and step into a new money zone.

Welcome to the S.O.S. DoJoe.

30 minutes a week, you and an intimate group of people (maximum of 6 per DoJoe Pod) will be placed under pressure to sharpen your abilities to handle objections.

The S.O.S. DoJoe promises quick results and high impact tips that you can put to use immediately.
These “bite-size” live meetings allow you to properly digest that you are learning quickly.

And with a 30-minute time frame, these sessions are intense and they “stick” so you can see results right away.

Sales is a perishable skill.

If you don’t practice it, you won’t be sharp or worse, you’ll lose more opportunities.
The S.O.S. DoJoe will actually save you time. Don’t make the mistake of repeating losses.
That costs you more than lost sales.

It costs you TIME!

When you or your sales team are “sharp”, you will handle all objections easily which means you will
have more confidence and be closing more sales.

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