You’ve done a full product demonstration. The prospect has smiled and asked questions and you’ve answered everything. You’ve asked them questions, gotten to know them better, built rapport and now…it’s quiet.

You just don’t get the words out and the prospect thanks you and leaves the store.

You might be thinking right now: “Joe, I don’t want to “sell” anyone. That’s not my style.”

You’re in business because you believe that your products will fly off the shelf.
Here’s the wake-up call: You HAVE to sell them!

I like to say this to any prospect when I sense any resistance:
“Don’t confuse my enthusiasm for being Pushy.”

This is where you have to remember “WHY” you got into this business in the first place.
“You want to help people with these products.” (The only way that you will actually help them is if they buy them. That means you have to ASK them to buy. That requires you “selling” or at the very least “asking for the sale” and that is part of being a retailer.

It’s OK to let someone know that you are passionate about what you are offering.

It’s also OK to make money from closing a sale.
It’s very OK to sell products at full margin.

Do you feel ANY guilt for the following?
Selling at full price
For adding more accessories (line items)
For asking for the sale more than once
Following up through email/text and phone calls

Do you know if your staff feel OK with these sales practices?
Are your sales and profits where they need to be so you aren’t feeling stressed out?

If you or anyone on your team ever says they are uncomfortable with these necessary steps to retail success, please contact me.
I want to help you and your team overcome these challenges so you can help your community, your business and your bank account.

Army of 1 Retail Sales Training will make a difference or your money back.

Be awesome!

Joe Marcoux
The Huggable Sales Trainer
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