Jason Miller – Owner Pedego West Houston

“In all of the trainings that I’ve been in… this was by far the best.”

Liz Labelle – Co-founder Craniologie

“We just finished a couple of days training with Joe Marcoux and honestly, I was not sure what to expect when Joe came in and when we planned this, but the training we had far exceeded my expectations. Not only did we learn some amazing sales tools and systems that we can use in all of our businesses, but I felt like the camaraderie that Joe brought to our team was just amazing.”

Paul Mutch – Owner Pedego South Denver

“We’re so fortunate to have brought Joe in for a couple of days to work with our group. Joe brought ideas to our group that just really challenged our sales culture and got us thinking about how to take our business to the next level. Joe stressed the importance of having systems and thought-out processes in place, for selling products and helping our customers. Such a great win! The buy-in from our leadership group is fantastic and I think we’ve really cracked the door to the next level for our business.”

Joe is proud to have worked closely with…

More Testimonials

“No matter how long you’ve been selling, Joe’s just positive. He’s uplifting, he’s encouraging, he’s got the approach that will work. It will. Even if you know what to do and how to sell your bikes, it will help your staff be more comfortable and more prepared. And when everybody approaches it the same way, customers get consistency that helps build rapport and trust all the way down the line.”

Melissa Hudson

“Man, you put the butts on the bike, the Bob system, out you go and people will just follow you right out the door, ready to ride the bikes. We want you to come back as often as you’re willing.”


 “How to interact with customers properly, how to get the information you need from the customers to be able to make a proper sale. It’s a great investment, I’ll tell you that.”


“Just seeing how many more people we got on bikes was just like mind blowing.”


“Joe, thank you. Thank you for challenging us. We’re so glad we had the opportunity to bring you in and we definitely recommend anyone that has one door, multiple doors, wants to kind of take their group to the next level, Joe’s a great way to start that process.”

Paul Mutch

“Joe is by far the most energetic, charismatic and knowledgeable speaker that we have ever seen. His methods were very specific (and) results were immediate. Staff motivation has quadrupled while our sales have been the best in the last 10 years. Our next seminar with Joe is already booked … if only I could keep him a secret from my competitors!”

Victor Proudian
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With over 30 years of specialty retail experience, Joe Marcoux has managed, owned and sold retail fitness businesses. Since the sale of his last retail venture, Joe has played the roles of consultant and coach for high-ticket sales in the specialty fitness equipment and electric bicycle industries.

He is a published author and has created programs that have helped thousands of sales people in specialty retail stores all over North America, Europe and Asia.

Joe has been contracted to train, coach and help with integration for some of the world’s largest retailers to help them scale their business.


Joe has been invited to speak at annual sales meetings, trade shows and events.

Providing real life stories that are injected with humor, truth and memorable information, he inspires listeners to take action.

Joe is proud to be from Winnipeg, Canada.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Joe is the youngest of three siblings in a French-Canadian family.

At the age of 18, he became the manager of a specialty fitness equipment retail store while attending University.

At 20, he opened his first retail store.

At the age of 25, Joe decided to merge with another fitness retailer, becoming the 7th location in what would become a 38-store chain 18 months later.

The Most Important Lessons:

Ambition caught up to him in his early 30s and a devastating affair tore his young family apart.

This was a defining moment in Joe’s business life.

Not because his wife and best friend had an affair, but because Joe realized that it was his ambition that had kept him away from his family. He did not heed his own advice and was away from what he loved most for too long, resulting in a failed relationship.

He co-parented his two daughters as a single dad for over 10 years.

“If the first man a girl loves is her father, I would like to set the bar extremely high.”

– Joe Marcoux

Today, Joe, along with his wife and LeadCycles business partner, Shauna, live in Winnipeg and are close to all five of their combined children. They also spend as much time as they can at their cottage on Lake of The Woods, Ontario, when they are not traveling and training clients.

Sport and Discipline

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

-Cheri Huber

Joe’s love of health and fitness is apparent in his habits.

His daily routine of clean eating and exercise result in a high-performance lifestyle.

At 29, he entered his first bodybuilding competition and took second place.

At 30, he competed at the provincial level, placing third.

Ten years later, Joe decided to compete again at the Masters level (40 and over), winning the Masters title as well as the open competition.

He went on to win the Mr. Natural Canada title, earning the right to represent Canada at the World Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria.

At 42, he earned his Pro Card status in the IDFA (International Drug Free Athletics).

The discipline and dedication he utilizes in sport and lifestyle are apparent in the way he operates and delivers his training, speeches and coaching.

By helping systemize sales approaches, Joe helps sales people and organizations have measurable, repeatable and scalable growth.

It’s your time, and Joe and his team want to help you get the most out of the time you spend with your clients.


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